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Anonymous sent: Oh I am pro their wives, but frerard is a cute bromance thing.

Frerard, Waycest, Frikey, whatever you like, is fine with me. :) I understand that these slash things can be funny, fun, etc, etc, I even have my frerard moments, but I am pro their wives, also. [pssh im a waycest gurrrk.]

Anonymous sent: can you please do something about Halloween?:)

His birthday, yessum, most certainly :) 

Anonymous sent: he looks taller in pics not 4`` 9` im 11 and im 5``2`

in the helena video he said he’s 4 foot 9, and so thats what that photo was for? I dont know how tall he is now, I dont follow things like that. This blog is for fun, so just enjoy it. Please kthnxx


h-ospitalised basically gave me enough submissions to last me the rest of my blogging life :P jk but she gave me enough to finish up the week maybe, theyll get me close too 100 :P so i’ll get on that later (x thanks, h-ospitalised

let me rephrase. i dont ‘dislike’ frerard. its okay. but im not in love with it. i do go through spouts where i do like frerard andi m like yeA FRERADR. but im mainly pro-theirwives.